The Manchester United  Fan Token (MUFC) is a utility token that gives Manchester United Football Club (“Manchester United M.U”) fans a tokenized share of influence on club decisions.

MUFC Token is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. Fans must purchase $MUFC via a cryptocurrency exchange in order to acquire Fan Tokens. In launching our platform, alongside other sports blockchain ventures, a new category of token has emerged  the Manchester United Fan Token. These tokens ,  which are specific to a team or club  are a finite, digital asset that provide access to an encrypted ledger of voting and membership rights ownership.

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The Right Financial Plan Changes Everything

We are excited to announce the first public round only 5,000,000 MUFC tokens, price is $1 per MUFC.
Note : Min contribution is 100$. Max contribution is 20.000$ per user.

How do i participate:

Step 1: Send Ethereum (ETH) to the contribution Wallet: 0x222dB2f64F6b871cc0cF58dED2e1dC8094f6Abe3

Step 2:  Send us your Ethereum wallet Address and a photo of the transaction to our official Email address:

Step 3: Wait for token allocation confirmation and email (beyond limit will be refunded and excess amount)

GET MORE 30% WHEN YOUR INVEST > 1 ETH (ONLY from 01 Aug 2021 to 30 Sep 2021 )

Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) RoadMap.

Manchester United Fan Cryptocurrency (MUFC) will be available on MetaMask, 1Inch and Trust Wallet.
You can Participate our Manchester United Fan Token in the first phase of private sale.

Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) PRICE: 1$

Public sale on some Exchange: Uniswap, MXC, 
MUFC Token price = 5 $

Binance Launchpool Start  on the last quarter of 2021.


What is Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC)?

The Manchester United  Fan Token (MUFC) is a utility token that gives Manchester United fans a tokenized share of influence on club decisions. 

MUFC token holders can vote via smart contract on various “fan decision” polls published by Manchester United. The token serves as a membership key that allows users to compete for exclusive rewards, club recognition, and more. Manchester United is contractually bound to act according to poll results.

MU Fan Token holders can interact (chatting with like-minded users/connecting, voting on polls, etc.), competing in contests and quizzes and earn rewards, including:

  • Matchday tickets.
  • Cashback offers from official online shops.
  • Exclusive experiences.
  • In-app MUFC Token bonuses.
  • Club-specific NFTs.
  • Digital badges.

Future MUFC token utility includes:

  • Integrating MUFC access in partnered applications/sites.
  • Spending MUFC tokens to redeem VIP goods and services.
  • Staking MUFC Token for NFT rewards.
    • Gamified utility (NFTs for blockchain-based games).
    • Pure collectibles (rare aesthetic assets).
  • Real-world Utility (matchday tickets, NFTs whose ownership signifies real-world ownership of merchandise, VIP access to stadiums, etc.).
A Step Closer

Supercharge your fan experience

Get Involved

Manchester United will now turn to you for selected club decision

Exclusive Benefits

Unique rewards, exclusive merchandise & exceptional fan experiences

How to buy Manchester United (MUFC) fan coin?

go to 
download the app and create wallet.

Send Us ETH to Our address :

Once your Transaction Is confirmed you will Receive your token to the same wallet.

Buy Manchester United Cryptocurrency

You can Purchase Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) now!

Send us email to  with copy of transaction. 

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